Officially a Second Grader

With Zoe officially a Kindergartner, little man is now officially a 2nd grader.

He has become so independent as of late. I mean, he always has been, but it’s growing more and more now. He’s in his own little world half the time, he wants to do his own thing, doesn’t need help from mommy or daddy as much, and he’s become quite the student.

He received his report card on his last day, and he received mostly As with a few classes as Bs. He is reading at a 2nd grade level heading into 3rd grade reading, he’s spelling has improved, although, he will definitely need to work on them, and he’s really quite the little artist. He brought home another art portfolio and there is some pretty neat work in there.

He was so quite yesterday after school. He started that way that morning, and by the time I picked him up, he didn’t really speak too much. He had said that most of his classmates were crying. He didn’t cry though but he was definitely sad about it being the last day. He loves school, and it says something about the school itself and the teachers where the kids literally are crying that they don’t have school anymore. I bet more than anything though, they are fine today. LOL

I love this photo of the two of them here:

photo (19) copy

One More Week

One more week and my little man will be going back to school as a first grader!

I’ve really taken notice over the course of these last few weeks and have just marveled at how big he has gotten, how his vocabulary as just soared, and how more of a boy he is becoming. That little baby boy look is just completely gone now.

Which means, his birthday is around the corner, and that means he’s going to be SEVEN!

He’s excited about going to school though. He’ll have a new teacher this year – Mrs. Kerola (pronounced Carol-uh), he’ll have new friends to meet, and he’s excited about all the stuff he’s going to get to do.

We’re already talking about getting stuff for his lunches and what kinds of things he’s going to want to have. I’m not sure if he’ll have snack time as a first grader, but we’ll figure that out once we have open house and get to meet the teacher.

Pictures of the first day of school will come next week!

Omaha Zoo

This past weekend we returned to the Omaha Zoo, but this time, I wasn’t pregnant, and it was a much better experience then when we went the first time.

Caleb didn’t remember going, but then again, he was only 2.5 years old. He really enjoyed himself this time. They had a dinosaur exhibit there, and of course that was a MUST see. And, even though it wasn’t all that much of a “wow factor” for us parents, he enjoyed it and in the end, that’s all that matters. i will have to admit though, they had dinosaurs there that I had never heard of. I guess they found a new kind of dinosaur recently in China and that is what they were showcasing, so I have to admit, that part was a little interesting. Caleb loved it. Zoe? Not so much. :D

The other part of the zoo that Caleb really enjoyed was the jungle/rainforest. He enjoyed going across a moving, wooden, bridge, the dirt paths, running away from the bats, and going through some carved holes in trees. I remember taking a picture of him the first time, and he HATED going through that tree. This time, he ran right through it and acting like he was bouncing off the walls. Amazing what a few years can do. LOL.

Now, it’s back to reality, but with Zoe on a trip with Grammy and Grandpa, he gets to have some quality time with mommy and daddy before he goes on his own trip at the end of the week. Hopefully, we will be able to give that time with him that he has been so desperately craving.

Should be easy to do since it’s just now him.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

We started off the morning with the kids coming into our room wishing daddy a happy father’s day. Then, the next thing we new, Caleb left, and came back with breakfast for all of us. Such a sweet kid. And the best thing about all of that? No spills in the kitchen! Wahoo!

We had lunch with the family at Famous Dave’s then spent the rest of the afternoon at Schlitterbahn enjoying the water. It was nice to finally get there. Between both of us now working, and the weather not working when we can go, we just made it a point to just go anyway, and we had a lot of fun!


(Late Entry)

We enrolled Caleb in T-ball for the early summer months and I’m really surprised at how well he is doing, and that he even likes it!

He hits well, he throws well. His catching, however, is something left to be desired. LOL. He’ll get there and he has another month to figure it all out.

He even knows one person on his team, a little friend from church!!

Last Day of Kindergarten

(late Entry)

Today, was Caleb’s last day of Kindergarten. As of noon today, he is officially a first grader.

After looking at his report card, his marks were the equivalent of As and Bs. So proud of him. He wasn’t emotional about the last day of school, but he was disappointed that he wasn’t going to have his same teacher for next year or the same classmates.

At first, they were going to loop the kids and teachers but with some changes taking effect this next school year, the opted to just change things around.

He’s ok with that though and so are we. :)

One of his art projects from this past year!

Last Day of School, Here I Come!!

Lost His First Tooth

(Late Entry)

Caleb lost his first tooth this afternoon.

I had just come home from work and he was wigging his tooth. My mom went up to him, snapped the tooth forward, and I was able to pull the tooth completely out. It bled a little bit, but after a good rinse, it was gone and he was happy.

As you can see from the picture, his permanent tooth has already come in.

We get to play tooth fairy tonight and that is exciting. We had decided that the very first tooth he will get $5. After that, it will be a small amount. My how times have changed. I remember when I was little, I would only get a quarter for each tooth I lost, including the first one!!

Another milestone hit and so many more to watch!

Merry Christmas…a little late

This Christmas was a great one. Other than being sick most of December, Caleb enjoyed it and pretty much received everything that he wanted from Santa. Add in what the rest of the family gave him, and he made out like a bandit.

Check out the pictures in the gallery for the full Christmas (including Christmas Eve).



Well, little man has pneumonia.

It started last Thursday night with a fever of 105*. Friday morning, he went back down to normal, so I let him go to school thinking it was just a fluke.  Friday night, his fever came back and it was 104*. Saturday morning, normal. Saturday night fever of 102*. Sunday morning normal. Sunday night 102* and it remained that way until Tuesday evening when he came down to 99*. This morning, Wednesday, he was 98.7.

I made an appointment for him yesterday for today so even though his fever normalized, I still wanted to take him in for his cough since it’s been going on for over two weeks.

She took one listen and heard crackles in his right lower lung. That means, his alveoli in his lower lung are closing and popping open causing a snap, crackle , pop sound (like rice krispies in milk). I had listened to him a few times during this week, but all I hear was a possible wheeze, but nothing like that.

Anyway, he has viral pneumonia. We have a script for him in case he spikes a fever tonight. She things there is a possibility he might rebound with a fever tonight, so we got a script just in case.

But looking at him, he doesn’t act sick at all. He looks pale and he’s quieter, but for the most part, he’s the same old caleb.

Ears looked good so no sign of ear infection. He popped a few blood vessels in his eye from all the coughing he’s been doing, but otherwise, he’s ok.

Poor thing.

After his appointment we met daddy for lunch, so we had lunch together. He didn’t even eat all of his corn dog, and if you know Caleb, that’s one of his favorite things to eat. So, you know he’s not feeling the best.

On the ride home, he just got super quiet. At first, I thought he had gone to sleep, but he was just staring off. He said he felt fine, but you can tell he had a crashing moment.

Now that we’re home, he’s in his room resting, which he needs to do.

If he remains fever free, for the next 12 hours, he can return to school tomorrow. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

Happy 6th Birthday, Caleb

Today, Caleb turns six. I can’t believe my little man is six! SIX!!

Throughout the day, I have thought about what my day was like six years ago. From the moment they started pitocin to the time in which they told me I got to push. After an hour and a half pushing, our little man entered the world.

Hard to believe that our 9.8 pound boy has turned into such a smart, silly, handsome little man. He’s doing so well in school and he really is becoming a very independent little boy. I look at him everyday and wonder how fast time has gone by. It seems like he was just a little baby, and today, he’s a tall little boy.

Pictures will come later with birthday pictures, but here are a few pictures from 2006 and today.

Happy 6th Birthday little man. God has plans for you and your daddy and I can’t wait to see what those plans are. Love you so very much!

Caleb’s Elementary Forecast: Having a snuggle moment