As of Friday, May 16, baby girl is officially a Kindergartner. It seems like these last two years for her have gone extremely fast. Over the course of the two years of preschool, she has come a long way. She was a very shy little girl who didn’t want anything to do with talking to anyone including her teachers. Today, she has opened up a bit more, is willing to talk to strangers, her vocabulary is increasing day by day and she can hold a conversation. She’s starting to recognize and spell sight words and is showing a real interest in learning to read by herself.

She has come so far in these two years. I’m so happy for her and looking forward to the next chapter of her life: Elementary School.

Here are some pictures from her graduation on that Friday:
IMG_8707 copy

IMG_8711 copy

IMG_8717 copy

IMG_8718 copy

IMG_8720 copy

IMG_8722 copy

This evening, the family got together to celebrate Zoe’s birthday.

I was able to get off work at 1pm (thankfully, it was my half day), and we had dinner at the Olive Garden.

After dinner, we came home and watched her open up her presents. She enjoyed unwrapping all the paper and getting into stuff. She knew it was her birthday this year and she’s been talking about it since the beginning of July! She couldn’t wait for it to get here, and she was excited when the day finally arrived. She got a new doll, coloring books, money, a bike, and a few more items.

She enjoyed her cake and being able to blow our her candle without too much effort this time around, or without help for that matter. :)

Ending the day on a high note she finally passed out a little after 10. LOL. It was a full late afternoon/evening.

Staircase to kitchen decorations

Her Birthday Chair Decorations

Kitchen Decorations

Dinner At Olive Garden

About to Start!

Her Birthday Cake!

The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Today, we celebrate Zoe’s 4th birthday. I unfortunately, had to work late tonight, but we did get together at Chick-Fil-A to have dinner together. Tomorrow, we will celebrate with Family.

My baby girl has changed a lot over the course of these four years. She went from a somewhat red head to a blonde. She went from barely talking, to talking almost non-stop. She went from sounding like a cat to becoming a drama queen. ;) LOL.

But, I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s going to keep us hopping for sure, but she is going to be a very strong person. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this wee one.

Baby Girl at 5 days old

Waking up a Four Year Old

Chick-Fil-A Dinner

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet princess. We love you so very much!

This past weekend, we went to the Omaha. We went to the Zoo and spent all day there on Saturday. By the end of the 7 hours that we were there, we were all just so exhausted. Zoe needed to be carried to the car, Caleb wanted to be carried to the car, and mommy and daddy wanted someone to wheel them to the car. LOL.

We had a good time though. The kids really enjoyed the zoo alot and we got some really good pictures of some of the animals. Pictures will be uploaded one day. ;D

Zoe’s favorite part of the zoo was the gorillas and the playground that was there. LOL. Leave it to the little one to find a playground there and that be her favorite. With that said, she did have a lot of fun though. The whole trip home, and even the day that we got home, all she commented on was the gorillas and how one of them fell. He (or she) didn’t, he was just laying on one of the observation bubbles and it looked like he had fallen. She was just so concerned about that one gorilla.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to the air and space museum, but our feet hurt so bad that we just didn’t feel we could walk alot that day for that long, so we opted to go see Despicable Me 2. Zoe fell asleep about 45 minutes into it and slept the remaining movie. She. Was. TIRED!  We left for home shortly after the movie was over and got home just in time for a quick dinner and then bedtime to get back to the grind for Monday.

The last time that we went to the Omaha zoo, I was pregnant with Zoe. I only had 4 weeks left and it was a horrible experience then. I’m so glad that this trip back was a much better one and one that we can put into our “book of memories”.

This morning, Zoe left with her Grammy and Grandpa back east to visit family, friends, and the beach. This will be her first trip away from mommy since she’s been born.

I remember Caleb doing this trip when he was just about to turn three. He went by plane. She is going by car since the prices of airfare has gone up alot.

She is going to have a blast though, and we’ll see how well she does being away for that long. She’ll be gone for about 3 weeks.

When I made a post about it on FB, I was surprised that some thought I was brave to let her go that long. I don’t see it as being brave. I see it as her having an adventure and making memories with her grammy and grandpa. She may or may not remember when she gets older, but the idea is for her to have fun, make memories, and find new adventures.

Being at work yesterday kept me busy and not thinking about her leaving. When I got home, it was just so quiet and so weird without her here. Even Caleb made a mention at dinner that it just seemed weird not having Zoe sitting across from him. He secretly is enjoying the one-on-one though. :D

So, my countdown begins for her to come home. She is set to be home the day before her birthday. In the meantime, I will be researching princess cakes to make for my little love bug.

(Late Entry)

Today, Zoe finished up her last day of preschool. We had conferences and she got some decent marks. We still a ways to go, but I think she will be just fine as long as we work with her over the summer months.

She has caught up beautifully and we are so pleased with her progress.

Now, summer begins and hopefully to spend a lot of time at the waterpark this summer.

(Late Entry)

This spring we enrolled Zoe into Soccer. She liked it at first, but then she just started to get bored with it. Thankfully, the season ended mid May. After it was over, she wanted to play again, but in the end, all she would have done was look at the ground and try to pick dandelions.

We did get a few assisted goals and one goal from her this season, so considering, she did pretty well. She received two medals at the end of the season.

Happy Mother’s Day!

All the family got together and went to Stroud’s North in MO. The kids got their portraits made, Zoe got nipped by a goose, and Caleb just seemed to be in his own little world. :D

(Late Entry)

Today, I had the opportunity to go to Zoe’s Muffins with Mom. It’s a chance for the mom’s to spend some time with their preschoolers. This was also the day that we were presented with our Mother’s Day gifts.

Zoe made me a placemat and a little magnet that can hold up to three items. She did a great job. I am amazed at just how much she has learned this past school year. Not only is she coming out of her shell a little bit, but she has begun to really brighten up in terms of speech, writing, and learning. She still doesn’t have that much of an attention span, but that will come, and I’m so proud of her.

Hard to believe that her first year of preschool is coming to a close in just two weeks.